Living in the Age of the Ram and the Goat

Darren Thompson's Most Recent Book
  • You would expect that the Kurds would rise to political power in Iran.

    • This began when the citizens of Iran revolted against the re-election of Ahmadinejad in June 2009. The Kurds are strong supporters of the democratic movement in Iran.

  • You would expect that the United States would pull out of the Persian Gulf Area.

    • The U.S. has agreed to pull its troops out of Iraq by 2012. Political experts speculate that the U.S. will pull out of Afghanistan before the end of the Obama presidency (also 2012).

  • You would expect to see the next Secretary General of the United Nations to come from Greece.

    • The present Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, has not been perceived to be a strong leader. Several articles have been written that speculate that he will not be re-appointed in 2012.

    • President George W. Bush tried to push for selection of the Secretary General from among the Eastern European nations (mostly countries that were formerly part of the U.S.S.R) during the last selection process in 2007. I believe Barack Obama will propose that the next Secretary General come from Europe. This will provide the opportunity for the next Secretary General to come from Greece.

  • Once the U.S. has withdrawn from the Persian Gulf Iran will invade Iraq which will provide little resistance. Iran will then invade Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

    • This will give Iran control over 2/3rds of the world's oil supply and much of the world's natural gas supply.

    • I ran will use its control of the distribution of petroleum and natural gas through Turkey's extensive network of pipelines to Europe to blackmail Europe. This will keep the United States from responding militarily for a while.

    • Iran will strip the wealth of Turkey, Iraq and Saudi Arabia to support its own economy.

  • The world will finally lose its patience with Iran.

    • The United States (with the support of the United Nations) will conduct an air and naval war with Iran until the U.S. can control Iraq. The U.S. will then use Iraq to launch its ground forces against Iran. Iran will be crushed.

  • The world will dismantle Iran so that they can not do this again.

    • The resources of Iran (petroleum and natural gas) will be controlled by the United Nations and the citizens of Iran will be dispersed to every nation of the world.

  • An unknown event will cause the traumatic downfall of the United States (militarily and economically).

    • Since the U. S. is the "glue" that holds the U.N. together its downfall will cause the U.N. to breakup into four organizations lead by the following powers: Russia, China, the African Union and the European Union.

    • While all this is going on Egypt and the African Union rise as a world power.

    • Egypt becomes an ally of Israel.

  • Russia and Egypt will then battle over control of the Middle East.

    • Russia and Egypt will invade each others territories on numerous occasions.

    • These military campaigns will go back and forth through Israel.

    • These confrontations will eventually lead to the gateway event to the tribulational period. Russia will invade Israel as seen by the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel.